If you are unable to care for your Squishy cat or dog, or feel they would be better suited to a different home, surrendering them to an ethical rescue group is their safest option.

If you would like to discuss surrendering your pet to Squishies Animal Rescue, please complete the form below, so we can ascertain if we are able to assist. All surrendered pets are cared for in people’s homes, we do not have a shelter and we will care for the pet for as long as it takes to find the right home. All surrendered pets are provided with any outstanding vet work, medical treatment and behavioural training prior to being rehomed.
We do not charge a surrender fee, but appreciate a nominal donation for assisting you and your pet.

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If successful in my request to surrender my pet to Squishies, I will provide all requested paperwork and sign a surrender form, at the time of handover. I understand that the information I have provided is to help Squishies establish the best way to assist myself and my pet and providing inaccurate or incomplete information could detrimentally impact my pet's chances of re-homing.

Squishies Flat Faced Animal Rescue Inc. reserves the right to refuse any surrender request.