Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue pet.

Squishies Flat Faced Animal Rescue Inc. is a small group of dedicated animal welfare advocates that rescue, rehabilitate, care for and re-home pets in need. We focus on flat faced cat and dog breeds, but do take other breeds where possible. We do not receive any government or private funding or financial support, only donations from those kind enough to support the work we do. ย The adoption fee charged is purely to help cover basic vet costs such as de-sexing, vaccinations and microchipping. All additional vet costs, food, litter, bedding etc are paid for by us, and no money is made from the re-homing of our animals.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide some background information about yourself and your household, to ensure the most suitable homes are found for all animals.

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By submitting this questionnaire, you agree that all information you have provided is correct. You understand that providing untruthful answers can result in your application being rejected.

You agree to allow us to contact the referees/references you provide, if requested. You understand that in some instances a property check will be required.

Squishies Flat Faced Animal Rescue Inc. reserves the right to refuse any application.