There are many ways you can help Squishies save more lives.


Become a Foster Carer:

Have you ever thought about providing a cat or dog with a temporary home? There are so many wonderful cats and dogs waiting in overcrowded pounds that we would like to help, but do not have the space. We are in need of foster homes to welcome and care for these animals for a short period of time while they are looking for their forever homes. All you have to do is provide a loving home and the basics for the pet (food/bedding/litter) and we will provide all vet work (desexing, vaccination and microchipping, at a minimum) as well as flea and worm treatments. We are especially keen for foster carers with no existing pets, for those rescue pets that like to have a foster home to themselves.

Experienced foster carers are sought in and around Melbourne, to provide temporary homes to the amazing animals we rescue. If you’d like to apply to become a Squishies foster carer, please complete the relevant Foster Carer application.

Volunteer some time:

Not everyone can foster or adopt, but there are lots of other things you can do to support Squishies! We have animals in care across Melbourne (and sometimes further) and have a central vet clinic we use in Croydon. This means at one point or another, all of our animals need to get from foster care to the vet, and we often need transport volunteers to drive them.

Fundraising is a HUGE deal for rescue groups and we are always in need of motivated people to assist with fundraising efforts. This can range from selling chocolates to running market stalls or collecting donations.

If you’d like to volunteer for Squishies, let us know!