While we’re sure you’re very excited about the prospect of adding a gorgeous Squishy to your family, we would ask that you understand that the most important thing for us, is matching the right squishy to the right home.

For this reason, generally our animals are adopted by applicants we have had previous contact with, and have pre-approved for adoption, when the right animal becomes available. A large number of the Squishies we take in come to us very timid and afraid and even after their time in care, they require quiet, mature homes, where they will have time to settle and adjust. Many of our animals do not like to be picked up/held, though are still affectionate and enjoy pats and attention. Again, these animals require mature homes, and are generally not suited to homes with children. We would ask that you understand and respect that our animals have very often had terrible lives, prior to coming to Squishies, and need very specific homes.

Unfortunately, simply falling in love with the look of a pet does not mean they will be suitable for your home and we will always do everything we can to place animals in the absolute best and most suitable homes possible. Our adoption fees are set on a case by case basis. They generally range between $100-$500 for cats and $400-$800 for dogs.

If you’re interested in applying to adopt one of our amazing rescue Squishies you will need to complete in full the relevantΒ adoption questionnaire. Once we have received your questionnaire, we will contact you with any follow up questions (this can take up to a week, depending on how busy we are) and let you know if you have been placed on our prospective adopters list. If you then see a pet become available for adoption that you think could be a good fit, you can let us know and we will review your questionnaire in relation to that animal.

We generally don’t have lists of potentially available pets because while we can have many animals in care at any time, they all vary in the time they need to be ready for a forever home.

Currently listed animals can be found on our website, our Pet Rescue and our Facebook page. You can also follow the progress of our Squishies on Twitter and Instagram and we will of course let everyone know when they are ready to take applications.
We are based in Melbourne, but do interstate adoptions on a case by case basis.