The $8 Squishy Challenge!

As a result of the hundreds and hundreds of animals we have taken in over the past 7 years, we have an outstanding vet bill at Maroondah Vet Clinic of over $28,000. Β As hard as we try to reduce this enormous bill, with animals still coming into care, we just cannot find the money to continue to save lives and pay off the debts of the hundreds of animals that are now living happily ever after in their forever homes.

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In addition to this, Squishies Headquarters, which is the nerve centre of the rescue and also houses our perma-squishies and the bulk of animals in care at any time; has relocated. This is a huge financial drain on our founder, who is personally covering all relocation costs for the rescue, reducing the amount of money she has to put into the costs of running the rescue, feeding the animals and paying the vet bills.

We have set up a GoFundMe page and we are asking that you please consider making a donation towards our outstanding vet bill, to allow us to continue to rescue, without having to think about how much an animal will add to our massive vet bill, before deciding if we can take them on.

If each of our Squishies Facebook followers donated just $8, our bill would be gone! Can you imagine that?! A fresh start for the vet bill would allow us to expand the rescue and help even more Squishies in need. Have you had $8 worth of enjoyment from seeing our posts and following the journeys of our Squishies?!