El Nachotacoburrito – Now Taking Applications!

Please say hello to our dear little Mexican friend, El Nachotacoburrito!

Nacho arrived in care just over 4 months ago, after being surrendered to a rural pound in the dead of winter. They were told he was a present that was now unwanted and that he had been an outdoor dog.

He had never seen a vet and was so shut down that he was literally frozen in fear. He was extremely underweight and terrified of everything. He did however make a lot of noise, snorting and coughing to the point he couldn’t breathe. (Several vet and specialist visits and a $1500 CT scan later, this is all sorted and we will go into detail with successful applicants.)

With time, love and patience, combined with a stable routine, Nacho grew in confidence and last week, he left Squishies HQ for the first time, for a sleep over, to see how he would fare in a new environment. In just a couple of days, he was as happy and confident as he had been at HQ! Sadly for us, this means Nacho is now ready for the final step on his journey, his forever home! Nacho is looking for a mature, relatively quiet home, with an existing calm, friendly dog, who would welcome a devoted little brother. He loves to have a doggy friend to follow and learn from and to make him feel secure. Nacho is ok with cats, though he does need to get used to them, or he will give them a little bark!

Nacho had a very rough start to life, but he has blossomed into a happy, friendly little boy who grows in confidence every day.
It’s going to be very hard to let this little guy go, but we’re so glad he’s finally ready for his forever home!